Reorder Checks

All first-time orders* must be placed directly with the bank.  Please contact us at (618) 939-6194 or toll-free at (888) 231-3165 to complete your order.

If you have not placed an order on your account since November 2015, this qualifies as a first-time order and must be placed with the bank.  Once your initial order has been placed, you can use the online check ordering method for any future orders.

You can order your checks directly through the Harland Clarke Personal Check Reorder website. Use this convenient check ordering method to save time!

For security reasons, Harland Clarke has restricted this service to orders that do not have any name or address changes. Also, you must provide the next starting check number for your reorder. If you do have name or address changes, or you do not know the starting check number for your reorder, please mail or bring your check order into one of our locations, and we will process it for you.

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